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Lead Gen Has Become a Top Priority for Many New Businesses

With the recently-completed “Town Square” portion of Cary’s Downtown Park, there is truly reason to take pride and a moment to celebrate in this little community’s revitalization. Located corner of South Academy Street and Kildaire Farm Road, right across from Cary Arts Center, it is the perfect place for citizens and visitors alike to come together. The centerpiece of Town Square is a stunning, lighted fountain which adds an atmosphere of beauty and serenity. Not only does Town Square offer breathtaking sights, its also provides numerous opportunities for connecting with nature – catch some live music with your friends, cozy up under the stars while watching an outdoor movie, have a pick-up game of basketball or simply recline on a patch of grass while admiring the horizon.

The much anticipated new Fenton development, set across from the old Cary Towne Center site, is opening its doors. In addition to 725,000 square feet of retail and 20 distinct restaurants, Fenton will also include 1 million square feet of office space, 800 apartments and two unique boutique hotels. This project is committed to being more than just an indoor shopping mall; it aims to bring together diverse experiences and business opportunities. The chosen tenants each hold true to this mission with 78 percent of Fenton’s retail partners already signed on from across the Triangle Region.

Now, the Cary Town Council has made a positive move with the unanimous approval of the new 5-story development in downtown called Meridian East Chatham. The building will be a great addition for the city and its citizens, as it’s designed to include 220 apartments, 8,200 square feet of retail space and 348 parking spots – perfect for those who work and live in the area. With these amenities so close at hand and their added convenience, this exciting project is sure to bring more opportunities for everyone living and doing business in Cary.

In 2012, the town of Cary adopted a “business improvement district” to help quicken the progress of developing new businesses in the area. As part of these efforts, Cary is paying a number of development fees related to bringing new companies to their town. This has given them an important tool in speeding up the private development process. Since this policy was put into place, Cary has seen a significant increase in investment by private companies, helping give rise to jobs and economic opportunities for members of their community.

Lead Generation Solutions for Cary Businesses

All the new business locations that will be a part of downtown Cary will want to get their cash registers ringing as soon as possible. Many will need a B2C lead generation process to attract consumer spending. Others will want B2B leads so they can support the new local stores that will want to quickly become profitable.

Every successful business relies on efficiently and effectively reaching their current customers, as well as potential ones. Quality lead generation solutions can provide businesses with the competitive edge and high visibility they need to survive in a rapidly changing marketplace. By having access to up-to-date business data and trusted leads, companies have a greater chance of expanding their customer base and getting the attention they deserve. Lead generation ultimately gives businesses the best opportunity to soar above the competition, especially in a booming environment.

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