Marketing Agency Raleigh NC

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Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

Welcome to our agency website. We specialize in providing solutions that generate or save capital for local businesses and civic groups by implementing comprehensive action plans.

Marketing Firm Raleigh NC

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Neighborhood Business Promotion

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Local businesses are as unique as the communities they serve.  They are inseparable from their local neighborhoods, providing employment opportunities, better service, and distributing money back to the area in which they are located.  As a small business marketing company, we can work together to increase your returns by developing action plans that demonstrate your unique strengths and increase engagement engagement with more prospective customers.

Merchant Processing

Fee Free Credit Card Processing

You can eliminate the incredibly high cost of accepting credit and debit cards. Save yourself all the time we spent researching and hunting to find what seemed like the impossible.

Discover exactly how to save money each month on merchant processing, receive free credit card terminals, and get free training on the new system.  Invest 13 minutes of your time to see if this is what you should be doing. Sign up at

Hybrid Merchant Processing Services

A plan customized for you will run circles around most other credit card processor’s programs. The hybrid strategy allows you to construct a program specific for your situation. Incorporate only the features important to you, like accepting all types of cards with a flat cost per transaction and no other fees.

Low Cost Credit Card Processing

Processing solutions for all business types (In-store, Mobile, Online, or MOTO). Unmatched in-house customer service.

Restaurant Services

Restaurant Marketing

We can help keep your establishment busy throughout the day, eliminating slow times.  Together we can establish goals, differentiate you from your competitors, and utilize the most effective incentive and promotions.

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Money Saving Transaction Processing

Those that qualify save thousands of dollars per year with Fee Free Credit/Debit card processing.

Charity Event Fundraisers

Occasions that are primarily for raising contributions for healthcare, community service, education or other non-profit objectives can be supported by Clear Choice Marketing Group’s promotional expertise.  Raleigh NC Nonprofit Organizations can be found using this link.

Local Lead Generation Sites

Local service companies and professionals depend on continual lead generation for presenting their capabilities to home owners.  Our team can provide unique methods for getting their phones to ring by creating websites and ranking specifically for that purpose.

Raleigh SEO

In order to increase website traffic, our team can increase the visibility of your pages on Google which will affect your organic ranking.  We will ensure your site is mobile friendly, because more local searches are now done on mobile devices.

Amazon SEO Strategy

We are experienced in building and optimizing Amazon listings.

Advertising Agency Raleigh

Video Marketing

    • Effectively employing video on your website can increase organic rank.  HubSpot, says that a landing page that adds video can have an increase in conversions of as much as 80%.
    • Email marketing campaigns can be much more powerful with the inclusion of video.
    • Use video to enhance your image, building credibility and trust .
  • Video naturally encourages social sharing.

Amazon PPC

It is very difficult to rank well organically on Amazon without utilizing their PPC system.  We have the tools and expertise to employ PPC to bring about investment returns while increasing organic results.

Social Media Marketing

Posting content, including videos, images and other content, comment replies, and advertising campaigns can be implemented and maintained.

Logo Development

Professional graphic design solutions for your business or brand.

Content Creation

  • Sales Letters
  • Video Scripts
  • Email Scripts
  • Advertising Content
  • Headlines, Titles & Subject Lines