The Holy Grail of Sales

There is nothing quite as satisfying as repeat business, which many call the holy grail of sales. Not only does it mean that your current customers are happy with the products and services you provide, but that they are likely to have a great relationship with your business and will more easily give positive referrals to their family and friends.

However, while repeat business is great, it can be difficult to scale up if you don’t have new leads coming in on a regular basis. That’s why businesses must always be generating leads and driving new traffic to their websites through various forms of marketing and outreach.


A startup can be an exhilarating experience for any entrepreneur. Having the freedom and flexibility to dream big, create a product you believe in, and manage your own company can be immensely rewarding. At the same time, however, starting a business comes with many risks and challenges. Startups are particularly vulnerable to failure and risk due to their small size, limited resources, and lack of established processes or procedures. But, they must establish a consistent flow of leads in some way or fall by the wayside.

Just about half of all new businesses will fail within their first five years, with only one-fifth making it through to the ten year mark. And  just 2% of all companies will still be around after 20 years.

Large Existing Businesses

The world of business is always changing and evolving, and today perhaps more than ever, companies must constantly adapt to survive. This reality is dramatically evident in the statistics on the average lifespan of companies listed on the S&P 500. Today the average company’s lifespan is 18 years. By 2027, experts predict that three out of four companies currently listed in the S&P 500 will have disappeared in one form or another- either bought out by larger competitors or merging with other businesses or simply ceasing operations entirely due to bankruptcy like Enron and Lehman Brothers before them.

Online Marketing

Whether it’s by creating engaging content that attracts potential customers online or hitting the pavement with cold calls and networking events, successful businesses have learned how to constantly drive new business into the pipeline in order to maximize growth opportunities.

It is no secret that in order to be successful online, today’s businesses must have a strong web presence. This means having an engaging website that serves as the digital “home base” for your company.

Yet, even a good website will not attract many ideal prospects unless it can appear on the first page of Google or in the 3-Pack of a Google map for the keyword searches that that business wants to be found for.

User Experience (UX)

In order to be successful on today’s highly competitive internet landscape, a website must offer an exceptional user experience. Google, the world’s largest search engine, places great importance on user satisfaction in its search engine rankings, meaning that sites must effectively engage and please their visitors if they want to be found on page one of the search results or included in the coveted three pack of Google maps.

This means that every element of a site – from the layout and design to the quality and quantity of content – must be carefully optimized with user experience in mind. Only by providing a seamless and worry-free browsing experience can websites truly stand out from the crowd and succeed online.

What does Google expect for a website that it ranks organically on page one or on a Google map?

A good user experience must go beyond offering a pretty design and slick functionality. It is about meeting the needs and desires of your website visitors by providing them with an effective, enjoyable browsing experience that will keep them coming back. And making UX a priority can also benefit you as the website owner by improving site engagement and boosting conversion rates.

This is because creating an engaging user experience requires taking into account your user’s psychology, targeting any pain points in their shopping journey, and optimizing each step along the way to maximize conversions.

The speed at which a page on your website loads has a significant impact on the overall user experience. At the most basic level, a fast load time is essential for ensuring that visitors to your site don’t become frustrated and leave before they even have the chance to view your content.

On a more advanced level, fast load times can also help increase engagement and improve site ranking, resulting in higher levels of visibility and sales. Whether you’re optimizing website page speed to satisfy the search engines or for users, how fast your page loads is very important.

Ultimately, you need to understand what makes people tick and provide them with exactly what they need to achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, promote sales, or establish yourself as an industry leader, delivering great UX will help you reach your goals and objectives.

Core Web Vitals

Google is always striving to provide users with the best search experience possible. That’s why they developed Core Web Vitals (CWV), a set of technical SEO criteria that measure various aspects of a website’s user experience, including load speed, code quality, and layout design. By optimizing your website based on these measures, you can significantly improve its quality and performance in search results.

And the higher your CWV score, the more likely you’ll be to rank above your competition, even if they have similar content or keywords. If you’re ready to take your site to the next level and rank at the top of Google’s search results, it’s time to focus on increasing your website’s CWV score with technical SEO optimization.

When Google developed the concept of Core Web Vitals, they had one driving goal in mind: to create an algorithm that would rank sites based on the quality and user experience of their content. After studying countless website data and user behavior patterns, they found that users prefer–and are more likely to convert on websites that they enjoy visiting. To achieve this level of quality, technical SEO must be implemented from the ground up; this means elevating CWV scores across all areas of a site, from core functionality and ease-of-use to technical architecture and more.

By prioritizing these key technical SEO factors, you can elevate your CWV scores and become an even better search result than other sites competing in your niche. You will appeal more strongly to users who are looking for high-quality, well-crafted online experiences, and these users will be more likely to convert on your site, leading to both increased traffic and revenue for your business.

In other words, you can take advantage of one of Google’s most powerful ranking signals to help put your website ascend to the top of the search results.

Mobile First

Today, the Google ranking formula focuses on how well your website pages work on a mobile device.

Mobile-first design is a powerful approach for web designers, since it accounts for the unique challenges and limitations of mobile devices. Teams can focus on building an efficient and user-friendly experience that renders well across any device. This means carefully considering features such as layout, navigation, and content organization will best meet the needs of users using smaller screens.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a powerful approach that allows websites to be tailored to the needs and preferences of users across multiple platforms and screen sizes. Through its responsive design, a website automatically adapts to different devices and orientations, providing users with a smooth, fluid experience that is both highly functional and enjoyable. Whether the user is navigating on a desktop computer or browsing on a mobile phone while commuting on the subway, they can expect an optimized interaction that seamlessly responds to their needs and immediate environment.

Websites will not only be optimized for efficiency, but for enjoyment as well. Designers who embrace this cutting-edge approach can create highly effective websites that truly engage users across all possible contexts. In short, responsive web design is today’s modern web design.

Content Marketing

Once your website is ready for prime time, content marketing is one of the best ways to take your business from brand new or stalled to profitable or growing. Seventy five percent of the visitors to a website come for information.

With content marketing, you have the ability to reach a wider audience, engage more people in your brand, and ultimately turn a profit or grow faster than ever before.

What are the keys to harnessing the power of content marketing? First, you want to develop a strong plan that lays out your goals and outlines the steps you need to take in order to reach them. By establishing concrete objectives early on and utilizing techniques like Niche Domination, SEO, social media promotion, and email marketing effectively, you will be able put your brand in front of more people than ever before.

The second step is actually putting this plan into action. This means creating quality content on a regular basis and then promoting it wisely through various channels such as Google Business Profiles, blogs, social media platforms, newsletters, and forums. This will help build up an online presence around your brand that will garner trust among potential customers and help drive traffic back to your website or storefront. And with these two key steps under your belt, success is virtually guaranteed! So if you’re ready to make your business a profitable powerhouse, focus on content marketing.

You’ll want to develop a core message that clearly articulates the value your product or service provides to your target audience, and then create a plan for building relationships with those ideal prospects that will enable you to convert them into loyal clients.

User Persona

To start with, it’s important to define exactly who your ideal customer is. This might include identifying factors such as their age, income level, occupation, and any other things that are relevant to your business.

Most Profitable Market Niche

Once you have details on your ideal client, you can determine your broad market niche. To begin to narrow it down, consider whether you offer unique products or services, what problems they solve, why they are better than what your competitors offer, and that your prospects can afford them.

Email Marketing

Sending emails to potential clients is a great way to build strong, lasting relationships with them. By offering valuable information that is of interest to your target audience, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and win the trust of these ideal prospects. What’s more, by incorporating offers and promotions into your regular email messages, you can gain new business from current customers and entice prospective customers to take action on your platform. Overall, sending emails is an excellent way to build meaningful connections with your market niche and gain the trust of those who matter most to your business.

Lifetime Value

Once you’ve established a connection with these ideal prospects and fostered ongoing relationships through email campaigns and dialogue on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, it’s time to work towards encouraging them to become paying customers. This may involve offering discounts or free trial offers as incentives for signing up for your services. Once they become customers even for a very low price, the relationship is forever changed. Then phased-in pricing offers that increase over time based on ongoing engagement with your brand can begin to occur.

Ultimately, the key to success in sales is knowing how best to communicate the unique value of your product or service to your ideal prospects and channeling all of your efforts into building powerful long-term relationships with customers that you can sell to for years into the future.


This is a roadmap for taking a cold prospect who has found your company all the way through transforming them into a client or customer with value for a lifetime. If you want to find out how this can work for you and your business, contact Roy Dickan.

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