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Pittsboro in Chatham County

One of the fastest growing counties in the state of North Carolina is Chatham County. It is often ranked as one of the best places for business in the United States, as is the state itself.

Located near Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham, Pittsboro is ready to embark on unprecedented growth. This presents a tremendous opportunity for local businesses.

Pittsboro NC historic district

Chatham Park in Pittsboro

The Chatham Park master plan has recently been approved by the Pittsboro Board of Governors. It is an impressive commercial/residential project that could grow the sleepy town of 4,000 residents to more than 60,000 over a few decades. Approximately 7,500 acres, nearly the size of Durham, have been purchased for development.

Construction on Chatham Park has started for about fifteen percent of its commercial area and five percent of its residential space. Pittsboro’s growth trajectory could be similar to those of cities like Irvine, CA, Columbia, MD, and Reston, VA. These were begun in the 60s and 70s, but today have populations of up to 230,000.

Starting, moving, or growing a small business in the area could prove the opportunity of a lifetime. Becoming an authority for your niche today can magnify the opportunity. How do you become recognized as an authority in Google’s and Bing’s eyes? Optimizing your website will help pave the way.

Pittsboro NC is growing quickly

What’s SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It’s the best long term method for increasing your website traffic, both in quantity and quality. It establishes or improves recognition of your brand. Often called organic traffic, you do not pay directly for it.

Once you understand how people search for products or services online similar to those you are offering, you can provide them valuable content, answer questions, and speak in the language they feel comfortable with.

Besides providing information and making offers that your audience wants, it is important to convey to Google and Bing what your site is about and explain your articles, pictures and videos. For the most part, your site will be seen by non-human bots. They can’t see, hear, or read like a real person, but they will determine where your website appears to searchers in the results from a search phrase that they type or speak by crawling your web pages.

How Do Search Engines Work Today?

When someone types a phrase into a search query, a search engine will go through billions of pieces of content it feels may provide the correct answer for the query from all the available content it has cataloged and ranks the matches.

Ranking on page one in the organic search results is done by effective search engine optimization. If your ad shows up on page one it is because of the value of your content in combination with the quality of your advertisement.

Today, resulting search pages have more advertising and additional formats for organic search listings than ever before. These new features are in response to changing user preferences. For example, featured snippets, sometimes included on the page of results, answer questions related to the query.

Both Google and Bing are interested in providing the searcher with the best user experience. They will evaluate the results of the interaction between the searcher and the site they have chosen from the search result page choices. This user experience will affect how the chosen website will be ranked in the future.

Search engines are prioritizing user interactions on mobile devices. The amount of time it takes for a site to load and the user interactivity are crucial.

If you search for “Pittsboro SEO” on Google, you’ll likely see a color Google map with local businesses that may offer what the query seems to indicate is desired. The same search on Bing may provide relevant images along with what are considered the most appropriate listings of websites that relate to the specified term.

Search engines want to keep searchers coming back, so they want to deliver the best results. They want to balance this with the desire to make money and will serve up ads that may also deliver results that answer what the searcher is seeking. If a business is not getting adequate organic results, ads may improve their lead generation.

Why is SEO Important?

Paid advertising and online platforms, including social media, have their place for driving traffic to websites, but most online traffic is generated by search engines.
Results that are organic (non-paid search engine traffic) are generally preferred by most searchers, and receive significantly more clicks. Studies have shown as much as twenty times more traffic is derived from organic results than is produced by paid advertisements.

If set up properly, SEO differentiates itself by continuing to pay dividends again and again into the future. Valuable content can produce website rankings that can improve naturally over time. Paid traffic must be continually funded to maintain lead generation.

It is important to explain to search engines what a site is about, along with what a picture or video on that site signifies. This information will help get your content properly indexed and ranked.

Why Should I Consider Hiring an SEO Agency, Professional, or Consultant?

You can certainly perform basic search engine optimization of your website on your own if you have the right tools and are willing to learn. The biggest downside may be the time it takes. You may be better off doing what you do best and running your business.

If you decide to seek expert help, realize that your potential sources may vary in quality and may deliver results in far different ways. A lot of money and time can be saved if you understand how to go about choosing the best SEO company for your particular needs.

They must understand that search engine bots crawl all pages of a site unless told which are the important ones to analyze. You want valuable pages to be indexed, not unimportant ones.

They must know how Google bots and other web crawlers operate to ensure that search engines understand the site. They should use structured data to explain a site to the bots, crawlers, and search engines.

Because of the emphasis placed on user experience, the speed in loading a website has become crucial. The ability to measure and improve the amount of time it takes to load a page is now more important than ever.

The words and phrases used by a company’s ideal customer along with their problems and desires must be addressed by the site content. This will reduce the cost of acquiring the best prospects that can be converted to ideal clients.

Linking is another important skill the right SEO outsourcer must possess. The types of companies and other relevant entities that link to your website give the search engines more meaningful information for ranking you in the search results.

Your best choice should also be competent in:
• Using Alt-text for describing images
• The proper use of anchor text for linking to pages
• Image compression to decrease the file size of images
• Setting up site maps
• Using image URLs
• Meta titles and descriptions

Clear Choice Marketing Group is one of the companies to evaluate to help you with your search engine optimization. They are right down Highway 64 in Apex and will be strongly considering offices in Pittsboro as Chatham Park development continues.

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